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Board Meeting
January 12 - 10:00 a.m.
Crowne Plaza LAX


Business Meeting
February 21 - 4:00 p.m.
Hilton Santa Barbara


23rd Annual Convention
February 22-24, 2019
Hilton Santa Barbara Resort
Registration opening soon


February 24, 2019
Hilton Santa Barbara Resort


Friday, February 22, 2019
CalDRA 23rd Annual Convention
Santa Barbara, California

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Once a candidate has given the proctors a portable medium containing the transcript/s they wish to submit, they will receive a printed version of their transcript/s and a printed version of the master transcript/s, from which they must grade their own transcripts.  At the top of each page, indicate the number of errors on that page.  At the top of the first page, indicate the total number of errors on the transcript.  Self-graded transcripts must be submitted to the CalDRA convention registration desk within 2 hours of the conclusion of the competition or they will be invalid.  Self-graded transcripts submitted with a score below 90% accuracy will be deemed invalid and will not be regraded by the committee.

ALSO NEW!  We will be providing a 72 MHz transmitter.


Competition Format

The competition consists of two six-minute dictations at 1.4 syllable density.
) Literary:  First minute at 185 wpm, second minute at 190 wpm, third minute at 195 wpm, fourth minute at 200 wpm, fifth minute at 205 wpm, sixth minute at 210 wpm.
2) Two-voice:  Six minutes at 225 wpm.  
***The first minute of each leg is warm-up and will not be graded. 

Contestants must qualify in each leg with an accuracy rate of 95% or better. The best combined score among those qualifying in both legs wins the overall competition championship. In the event no one qualifies in both legs, the highest cumulative score wins the overall competition championship (notwithstanding number 5 below). 
1. Stenographic reporters and voice writers are eligible to participate.  Any method of capturing the record that is not currently licensed by the California Court Reporters Board is not eligible.
2. Testimony shall consist of dictation in Q-and-A format, with Q’s and A’s neither factored into the word count nor dictated.
3. Seating will be determined by lottery, with priority given to CalDRA members in good standing. See Contestant Identification Numbering, Seating and Lottery Procedures below.
4. At the end of the dictation, each contestant must be prepared to produce an ASCII or PDF file on a portable medium provided by the contestant. The portable medium must be marked for identification with the candidate’s assigned registration number. The portable medium will be not be returned to the candidate. Test files that cannot be printed will result in disqualification of the candidate.
5. The percentage of accuracy to qualify is 95%. No transcript with more than 5% errors will be scored. Grading will be done in accordance with CalDRA’s CCRR grading guidelines (all caps acceptable for both legs).
6. Each leg shall be graded separately. The three highest scorers in each leg will receive award recognition. Additionally, there shall be an averaging of both legs, with award recognition to the three highest averages.
7. CalDRA will charge an entry fee to participate in the competition.
8. All decisions made by CalDRA under these rules, or such supplementary rules as may be found necessary at the time of the competition, shall be final.
Contestant Identification Numbering, Seating and Lottery
1. DRA members in good standing will receive first priority seating via lottery. In future years, the previous year’s first, second and third place winners will receive first priority seating, in a seat of their choice. Second priority seating is given to CalDRA members in good standing via lottery.
2. All other seats will be numbered from 1 to “X,” with “X” being the total number of contestants in the competition.
3. Seating will be assigned by lottery at the registration table. You will not be allowed to enter the competition room until you have registered and been assigned a seating location.
4. There shall be no changing or rearranging of seats. You may set up your equipment in your assigned seat with the assurance that you will not have to move before the competition starts.
5. Unless otherwise specified, doors shall open one hour before the competition is scheduled to begin.
6. You must surrender your phone at check-in. It will be returned to you when you leave.

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