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DRA's Ultimate Reporter Package - for you, the freelance deposition reporter!

Universal Job Worksheet

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Exhibit Worksheet

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Freelance Rate Sheet Template

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Realtime Order Form Template

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 Transcript Order Form Template 

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Realtime Available Form

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Invoice Template

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Invoice Tracking Spreadsheet

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Notice to Deponent Form


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Making all the years of wisdom and experience of DRA readily available to every DRA member all the time. We are proud to provide our members 24/7 mentoring.
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The Deposition Reporters Association fights for the working reporter, and now we're arming you with the tools you need to perform your job effectively and respond to issues as they arise.  We are happy to announce the launch of the AskDRA Code Book, the most complete compilation of laws and regulations related to reporting today, FREE for DRA members! 


  • Reporters: What should I do when a party moves for a protective order? When one side says to go off the record and the other side doesn't agree, can I stop writing? What are the exceptions to the California seven-hour rule? Can I be disciplined for failing to adhere to minimum transcript format standards? What do I do when the attorney asks me to cite the witness?  
  • Firm owners: Can my agency give free rough drafts to one side and not the other? What can I name my professional corporation? What do I tell the attorney when she claims she didn't want the testimony transcribed?  
  • Students: What are the requirements for a recognized court reporting school? How often can qualifier exam material be repeated? How many days do I have to contest the results of the CSR exam? Are there alternative ways to qualify for the CSR exam?



Dear Depo Diplomat

Ever have a procedural question or just confused by something that's taken place in a depo? Ever have an attorney request you do something that just doesn't seem quite right?

You have undoubtedly encountered at some time a new or unusual reporting predicament where you would have appreciated some advice on how to deal with the problem. Your membership in DRA provides you the opportunity to turn to DRA for that assistance. Our Depo Diplomat continually attempts to meet the needs of our members by providing a valuable service and our AskDRA project will help you arrive at a practical, professional and appropriate solution. Your question may even make it to our AskDRA video help page!

Mary Pierce, past DRA President and agency owner and reporter for more years than she will let us say. She is now serving as DRA's Legislative Chair and DRA's Depo Diplomat, and is a frequent speaker at DRA conventions and seminars.

DRA Document Library

Ever wondered what the evidence is for stenographic reporters vs. ER?
We've got a whole library filled with documentation.
Become a DRA member today to gain access to this one-of-a-kind resource!

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DRA Member Logo Information

DRA is proud of everything it has accomplished and proud of the principles for which it stands. We are likewise proud of each and every member who has made the commitment to carry on our ideals and efforts on an individual level. As such, we would be pleased to allow our members to display our logo on their websites and marketing materials on the condition that their membership remains current and that they agree to abide by our Code of Ethics.

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Interpreter Quick-Reference Guide

New changes beginning in 2015 to laws governing certified interpreters may affect your duties as the deposition officer. DRA's printable quick-reference guide explains how to remain in compliance with the new rules.


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