CCRR Instructions for Candidate




1. The objective of the test is for you to demonstrate the ability to produce an unedited realtime transcript with no more than 40 errors according to the grading standards and to produce a copy of that transcript on a flash drive in ASCII or PDF format. NEW: CDs/DVDs WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

2. You are responsible for providing all necessary equipment, including steno machines, CAT software, computers, software keys, cables, extension cords (minimum 16-foot recommended), adapters and surge protectors/power strips. Use of any equipment is strictly at your own risk.

3. Since the objective of the test is for you to demonstrate your realtime skills, no instruction will be provided on how to operate your own or any on-site equipment. Administration of the test will not be delayed to accommodate equipment failure, accidental erasing of computer files or forgotten items (e.g., cables, power cords). NEW: RUN UPDATES ON YOUR COMPUTER PRIOR TO THE TEST SO THAT IT DOESN’T DECIDE TO DO THIS AT THE TEST. The test must be given on schedule.

4. Neither the hosting site nor CalDRA assume responsibility should any equipment not perform properly, be dropped, stolen, knocked off a desk, etc.

5. If you are not familiar with making a PDF file with your CAT software, please learn how to do so, and practice doing so, before your test date. Neither the proctors nor anyone else is allowed to assist you with this process. You are allowed and encouraged to verify that you have successfully created a PDF of the test file and copied it to your flash drive prior to turning it in.

6. You will be asked to label your or flash drive with your CCRR registration number, using the label provided upon check-in. Please do not use names or any other personal identification.

7. Stenographic reporters and voice writers are eligible to participate.  Any method of capturing the record that is not currently licensed by the California Court Reporters Board is not eligible.

8. In order to receive the discounted member rate for the test, you must be a CalDRA member in good standing.

9. Please bring a photo I.D. and your registration confirmation with you to gain entrance to the test. If you arrive without these two forms of identification and do not have at least two other forms of signature I.D., you will be denied entrance to the test. You may register prior to the specified time of doors opening but will not be allowed into the testing room until the official doors-open time. If you arrive after the official doors-close time specified on your registration confirmation, you will be denied entrance to the test.

When you arrive at the exam site:
• Show your I.D. and your registration confirmation to the Registrar.
• Sign the sign-in roster.
• Proceed to the exam room and get set up as quickly and quietly as possible.
• Follow the pre-exam instructions given to you by the Examiner.
(Walk-ins are accepted, providing there is room at the test site. You must show photo I.D. and proof of membership in CalDRA in order to receive the member rate. Payment in full is required at the door.)

At the conclusion of the dictation of the exam:
• Do not touch any of your equipment.
• If you choose to not have your test graded, you will be asked to sign an Affidavit of Non-Grading and submit it in the provided envelope labeled with your registration number.
• All transcripts are graded according to the CCRR Grading Guidelines.

The CCRR test is the exclusive property of CalDRA. The test is protected by Copyright Law. No part of this examination may be copied or reproduced in part or whole by any means whatsoever unless previously authorized by CalDRA. Theft or attempted theft of the CCRR test is punishable as a crime. Any candidate participating in any irregularity occurring during this test, such as touching any of your equipment prior to being checked out by a proctor or giving or obtaining unauthorized information or aid, as evidenced by observation or subsequent analysis, will result in automatic failure of the test and prohibition of the candidate's participation in the next three consecutive CCRR tests.


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